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This is a list with TWO purposes only - Linux in Israel (no
matter its specific technical drift) and a forum for my flaming. However,
I am willing to forgo the latter on this issue.

-- Marc A. Volovic on linux-il, 10 Sep, 1996

> I agree. We flame them from the 2nd question on, and up.

Peter, Peter, Peter. I truly seem to almost not dislike you. You have
a future. The true and good action, of course, is to flame them BEFORE
the FIRST question, but since we live in the age of political
correctness, second (or, rather, alternatively first) and on is good
enough (or, rather, a proper realization of the potential imbued in
each and every one of us, minding, of course, the fundamental
differences that differentiate between persuns of different, but equally
valid, beliefs, genders, colours or habits of hygiene).

-- Marc A. Volovic on linux-il, 11 Jun, 1998

How about `man mount`, and actually READING the text. I understand that
would strain the three interconnected cells in that foul-smelling
appendage you have for a drain, but do try. Prostate juices should not be
spilled into the list.

-- Marc A. Volovic on linux-il, 26 Aug, 1996

> What can I do to restore X?

Well, first - it is not X that's dead, it's KDE.

Second, that, in itself, is only for the good.

-- Marc A. Volovic on linux-il, 14 Jun, 2001

This is defamation. Im my brif professional life, never have I flamed
anyone, never have I uttered a violent or derogatory word, never have
I insulted a man, woman, womyn, person, child, canine, kitty or any
other representative of the local flora and fauna!

-- Marc A. Volovic on linux-il, 30 Nov, 2001

In effect, I am accusing you of gross pandering, a travesty punishable in
some circles by public flogging with a SCSI-2WD cable.

I assure you that should you be subjected to such censure, it would be my
most pleasant duty (and, what's more, a special joy stemming from my
supposed malicious upbringing) to implement the said censure.

-- Marc A. Volovic on linux-il, 13 May, 1996

As for my psychotherapy - ten years of aversion therapy backfired and I
am now, more than ever, a pugnacious bastard.

-- Marc A. Volovic on linux-il, 13 May, 1996

I wholy lack mamby-pamby feelings for the incompetent - if the Lurie
wishes to be helped, he _MUST_ read what documents are available.
Otherwise, he lays himself open to ridicule and pity (my ridicule, your
pity). In fact, I do not know who, between the two of us, insults him
more - me by ridicule or you by pity. I suspect that you are the real

-- Marc A. Volovic on linux-il, 13 May, 1996

> And btw, Peter is right, Marc WAS being nice to you, a few years back, a
> spam like that would earn you a Marcflame that would probabely
> meltdown you tcp stack...(I guess he's getting soft with the passing
> years, hey Marc??;-)

Yes, I am now old and weary, they years having dulled the edge off my teeth.

Ok, apologies tendered for being too polite. Here's another try.

:OMRI: This is for YOU at the request of the public :-)...

You peacenik dunderhead, why the slosing green piss of your mother siphilized
uncle do you ejaculate this unwarrented claptrap on a list that's dedicated
to the appreciation of my linguistic ability in the derogatory verbiage

This is NOT the correct forum for flowery, woodstocky, hashish-flavoured,
sex-imbued friendly overtures. Here we be MEN (and Wymon, all the THREE
of you), hard-muscled and brained, low-foreheaded and hairy. Go spout your
sissy-talk of peace-pissed sites in another place? Alt.bambi.bang.bang.bang
might be just the place.

I summation, get the to a pig-sty and let the procreate there with your
moral and genetic relatives and ancestors, but KEEP AWAY FROM HERE,

-- Marc A. Volovic on linux-il, 19 Oct, 1998

> #ifndef FLAME
> Does anyone know of a Linux driver for Madge's 155 ATM NIC?
> Is there somone who is currently developing one?
> #endif


printf("Look, you little snot. Why not read the bleeding\
Hardware-HOWTO and sodding Ethernet-HOWTO?\n");

* Gues the mood, eh, moron...

-- Marc A. Volovic on linux-il, 27 Feb, 1997